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I love sing-a-longs!

Why? I am insanely over-enthusiastic about everything. I overdo it all. I am the Queen of Cheese. I'm Spielberg meets Baz Luhrman. I'm Katy Perry and Chris Isaak's love child.

What I'm trying to say here is subtlety is not always my strong suit. Enthusiasm, however? Yes.

By the way, these are just samplings. If you're ever interested in my full playlists, you can always check me out on Spotify. I publish all of the playlists under my book title. And as making a playlist is one of the first things I do before writing, you might get a good idea of what's in the works.

Revelations: Song of the Silvertongue

Title - Kyrie by Mr. Mister

I'm always amazed at what people will name their children. It seems to me that the younger you are when you have a child, the more likely that poor infant is going to wind up with a weird name. So, when I settled on the character of a teen whose own mother was a teen when she had her, I knew the name had to be, at the least, unique. I didn't want it to be too awful, though, because while Kyrie's mother was young, she was still intelligent. Kyrie is named from the very eighties pop song, but Kyrie, eleison is actually the name of a Christian prayer as well, meaning Lord, have mercy. Kyrie is, at times, quite frustrated with her name and having to always explain how it's pronounced.

Prologue –Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial)by Coheed & Cambria
"Believer, you'll leave her, in leaving them all"

Coheed & Cambria definitely became a strong inspiration while I was writing. This song is a conversation between two characters--a writer and his bicycle--but is also, in a way, a conversation between good and evil. Also, hello, electric guitar riffs and amazing hair.

Chapter 1 – American Honey by Lady Antebellum
So innocent, pure and sweet

Get used to country music since this is, after all, a book that takes place in Texas. I had a lot of troubles picking out a song for this chapter because it's mostly setup. Settlin' by Sugarland was a candidate, but then I felt it might be a little too on-the-nose. Like the song they'd pick to start this movie if it was a romantic comedy. I decided to go with one of the many songs on my playlist that are "Kyrie" songs, songs that aren't really story focused but epitomize who Kyrie is to me. I picked American Honey 'cause the little girl in the yellow dress in the video looks kind of like Kyrie. Kismet!

Chapter 2 – We Run by Sugarland

Nate is a special character. He has a mind of his own. He broke Kyrie's heart, but not enough that she's not just a teensy bit tempted to let him put it back together for her: "Lips like gravity, pull me under/reckless weather on his breath." He seems like trouble, but at the same time, he pushes Kyrie into greatness she never knew she had.

Chapter 3 – Green-Eyed Boy by Dolly Parton
"And the fire still burns for the green-eyed boy..."

Ooh, and here we learn that Kyrie isn't the only one with a penchant for bad boys. If anything, it's an inherited trait. Read the chapter, listen to this song, self-explanatory, no? Dolly Parton I adore, and chances are it won't be the last Dolly song I include.

Chapter 3 (cont'd) – Prodigal by OneRepublic

And of course, the whole chapter isn't about Kyrie's mom. It's also about rebellion and making your own decisions. (I had two choices. One, a boring version that just posted the lyrics. Two, a Pride and Prejudice fan-made music video. Guess which I chose!)

Chapter 4 – The Happening by Diana Ross and the Supremes
"One day you're up, then you turn around, you find your world is tumbling down"

Every book in my mind plays like a movie. I build my books like movies and I think that's why soundtrack is so important. If I were making this book into a movie, Buddy'd have the oldies station playing as he drove down the road. It's just source music, but as her bad situation steadily gets worse, the song continues to build until - Bam! Happy Motown over the first (but certainly not last!) truly shocking moment in her life. (Don't you just love how happy and upbeat Motown singers can be, even as they sing about emotional devastation and sorrow?)

Good gracious, you know, it's a pain in the 'tocks trying to write these things and keep them spoiler free. Next post I'm just going to throw up a spoiler warning and be done with it.

Chapter 5 – Your Heart is as Black as Night by Melody Gardot
"Your lips may be sweet, such that I can't compete, but your heart is as black as night"

Bettie makes her evil appearance once more. For obvious reasons she's my favorite of the Four Horsemen, so she gets her own theme song.

Chapter 5 (cont'd) – Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

We also need a nice action-y boost for the end that reflects Kyrie's disillusionment and also nicely ties in with what happens at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 6 – Tongue Tied by Eve 6
"Sit alone sweat in silence/We don't tolerate defiance"

I really want to pick something from Eve 6 here. It's chapter 6! And Eve 6 just works so well with Aaron, and small-towns in general. But I have a really hard time associating Eve 6 with any book except the Hidden Talents series so. Yeah. It's tough.

Okay, fine. This is Aaron's theme song right now. Poor boy can't speak in public that well and definitely is not a conventional thinker. He's actually a rebel once you get to know him.

Chapter 6 (cont'd) – I've Got this Friend by The Civil Wars
"He's not much for words/He's hidden his heart away"

Simple and sweet. A nice reprieve from the last chapter. Also, my inclusion of the Civil Wars (which I did listen to a lot) will hopefully help me build up some "cool" reserves for when I show you what the next song is.

Chapter 6 (cont'd) – Who Am I Living For? by Katy Perry
"I can see the writing on the wall/I can't ignore this war"

This is the next song. Yes it is on the nose. I at times like on the nose. What? Think about what's going on in the book, it works! It's fun! Now excuse me while I go hang my head in shame.

Chapter 7 – Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie
"Everybody wants to know the truth/In my arms is the only proof"

I think the extremely awesome music video says it all.

Chapter 8 – Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

It could be worse. I could have chosen R.E.M.'s "It's The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)". Also, this YouTube video is way cool.

Chapter 8 (cont'd) – Visions of the Night by The Police
"They say the meek shall inherit the earth/How long will you keep it?"

Okay, seriously though, I'm going to find something a little more creative here. Also, anyone who hasn't listened to the entirety of Message in a Box needs to evaluate their life priorities. Just saying.

Chapter 9 – Small Town Trap – Eve 6

I hope you like Eve 6, 'cause I do!

Chapter 10 – Bye Bye Blackbird by Gene Austin

I listened to several different versions of this song, but this one is old timey!

Chapter 10 (cont'd) – Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens

This was my favorite hymn in church growing up, possibly because it made the most sense to me. Or maybe because it referenced birds. I like birds. Also, I like Cat Stevens. Dulcet tones are relaxing.

Chapter 11 – They Call the Wind Maria (from "Paint Your Wagon) by Rufus Smith

This chapter is mostly exposition and set-up for the following chapter, so I'm going to pick Meriah's theme song for it. On a side note, I can't find the version I like on YouTube. if you want to listen to the awesome cowboy song, you'll have to do it through Spotify.

Chapter 12 – Heartbeat by The Fray

Also, Hawkmoon 269 by U2. Haven't decided yet. Moving on.

Chapter 13 – No One But You – YoYoMa, the Goat Rodeo Sessions, with Aoife O'Donovan
"The torch you're trying to carry burns, for no one but you"

Poor Meriah. She got rather the raw end of the bargain in life.

Chapter 14 – Odi et Amo by Elizaveta

Don't listen to this one if you don't want a spoiler.

Chapter 15 – Fallen by Sarah McLachlan (or Stupid?)

I think there's an element of self-blame in these situations. It's not fair, but it is.

Chapter 15 (cont'd) – Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

Because it's about a tornado!!! Also I like this song because this is when Kyrie begins to 'feel her oats,' so to speak, and I think that this captures that feeling.

Chapter 16 – Ill Wind by Lena Horne

This is specifically referenced. Love you, Lena!

Chapter 16 (cont'd) – Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) Gary Allen

Chapter 16 (cont'd) – Stardust by Nat King Cole

So. I love the HQ version of this song, but I don't want to rob you of the opportunity to see Nat perform it. But now here's the HQ version.

I do indeed love this song, honestly, but I also find it has a very creepy element. Which is why I listened to it on repeat endlessly while writing a certain scene in this chapter.

Chapter 17 – Stay (Faraway, So Close) by U2

Or maybe instead In God's Country by U2?
Wait, maybe After the Storm – Mumford and Sons. Ehn, I cannot decide.

Chapter 17 (cont'd) - The Hound (Of Blood and Rank) by Coheed and Cambria

By now you may have noticed a pattern with the Coheed and Cambria songs. Have you figured out the pattern?! I'm sure you'll get it by the next one.

Chapter 18 – Gunpowder & Lead by Miranda Lambert

Oh yeah, time for Kyrie to fight some baddies. My favoritest parts are about fighting the baddies.

Chapter 19 – God Give Me Strength by Audra McDonald

What do you do when you've struck rock bottom? You plead for help.

Chapter 19 (cont'd) – Waiting for the End by Linkin Park

Cool music video! And thematically appropriate, all things considered.

Chapter 20 – Bring on the Night by the Police
The future is but a question mark
Hangs above my head, there in the dark
Can't see for the brightness is staring me blind
God bid yesterday good-bye

Chapter 20 (cont'd) - Give In To Me by Garret Hedlund & Leighton Meester

This song is hot. That is all.

Chapter 20 (cont'd) - We Owned the Night by Lady Antebellum

Chapter 21 – Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria

Chapter 22– Shake it Out by Florence and the Machines

Honestly, I had so many Flo + The Machines songs I wanted to include. But I wanted to limit myself, and this fits the best. Also, I love this music video.

Between Chapter 22 and Chapter 23 – Calling All Angels by k.d. lang

Chapter 23 – How Far Do You Wanna Go by Gloriana

The end: Panhandle Sunset by Luke Olsen

Yes, it should be Panhandle Dawn, but otherwise it's note perfect.

That's it. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Send me an e-mail!